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Gabe, Day 2….

Posted by glovin33 on April 9, 2008

Day 2. Busy as hell.  Sea of Galillee at it’s greatest.  We saw all the tourist things that a person should see…Peter’s House (the house that peter actually lived in), Jesus’s boat (boat from 1st century), the place where jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fish, the pagan city saul was killed at, and the place where jesus was baptised by John.  Maybe a couple others.  Not sure.  More importantly…i’m having a great time.  My brother is acting as a living filter.  For those that know me, i tend to talk instead of thinking.  So having my brother here is keeping my mom happy cause i’ll make my comments quietly to him, then he gives me the ok to speak. But in classic gabe style, I’ve slipped a bunch of times…..especially when it comes to poop, bodily functions in general, and the occational sexual comment.  But i’m doing good.

One of my favorite things of the day was the games we started.  Andy is on mullet watch.  Hilarious.  I on the other hand am on phallic symbol watch.  Tomorrow I will load a pic to demonstrate and leaving you guessing till tomorrow.  it’s been great.

We ended the with a visit to the diamond cutting factory.  Which was great. We got to see how diamonds are finished and see a ton of jewelry.  It was neat. 

The food has been pretty good. As normal, my digestive system is crazy, gas here, gas there, and lots of pooping.  But i’ve done a good job at steering clear of the dairy. I know not all of you care about my digestion, but hey….everybody poops, and i like talking about it.

Till tomorrow…..

4 Responses to “Gabe, Day 2….”

  1. Malika said

    LOl, um…yea, u can probably leave out the part about your digestive system….but everything else seems really cool, can’t wait to see pics.

  2. Melissa said

    Happy Belated Birthday! I actually sent you a birthday wish, but apparently I screwed it up.

    Have fun, eat plenty of fiber and take care!

    Love you!

  3. Melissa said

    My initial comment is in “About Gabe”. I really didn’t forget your birthday (but I did forget Grandma’s – I’m gonna get a whippin’ for that).

    Love you still.

  4. Shelly said

    Happy Belated Birthday Gabe :o)

    I just wanted to tell you that my favorite word is poop! Just ask Andrew!

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