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Andrew’s Day 11

Posted by madtrippin on April 18, 2008

This is it… the final day of fun. Tomorrow we check out of our hotel here in Rome and fly to New York. I’ll be spending the night in the city and then flying to Minneapolis in the morning. It will be great to see my family.

Today was a free day. We all took a couple of vans out to Frascatti (built around crazy giant villa) – a little town outside of Rome in wine country. We had lunch there and wandered the streets a little. We ran across a very strange icon of the town that you have to read Gabe’s post. He called it and if you read it, you’ll know why. This symbol is everywhere, not like like some secret.

This is also where we found out that Italians (at least in smaller towns) take lunch time off.  It appears as though they close up about every shop – aside from eateries and bars – close from about 12 until 3 in the afternoon.  They go home or to get food and wine/beer at the local bars.  In one of the towns we walked the streets for about 30 minutes and found everyone in the town crammed into one bar.  We also found out you may not want to ask people which soccer team is their favorite – Roma o Lazio.  Lazio is the region Rome is within, but it seems the fans of the 2 teams HATE each other and people get pretty fired up about it.

We then went to 2 small towns around a volcanic crater lake called Naemi (sp?).  They were exactly as you’d expect an old world Italian town to look like.  To the left is a picture of Gabe leaning over the edge of a bridge they call the suicide bridge.  One of the two towns was where the pope’s summer palace is located.

Tomorrow Gabe and I are talking about running down to the Vatican to see if security found his camera.  Apparently, they won’t tell us over the phone if they’ve found his camera.  We may take a cab out there early in the morning and try to get back before 11am when our shuttle is supposed to take us to the airport for our 2:00pm flight to NY.  Gabe hasn’t decided if he wants to go or not.

Tomorrow night I’ll be staying in New York and catching my flight early Sunday morning.  Gabe and I are going to hang out a bit in the city before I head to the hotel for the night.

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